PureBorn Size 5 Single pack Nappy 11 to 18kg 22 pcs 1×6

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These nappies are eco-friendly, made with organic bamboo pulp. They are free from harmful chemicals and intended for use by babies and toddlers up to 2 & 1/2 years of agePure Born Eco Organic Bamboo Baby Nappies are ultra-soft, with a cloth-like feel to provide maximum comfort for the babies. They are made with unbleached bamboo fibres in the core layer and soft non-woven fabric on both top and bottom layers to provide the best comfort and protection on the most sensitive skin. Nothing is more delicate than your baby’s bottom and protecting it requires products that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals. Experiencing nappy rash can be painful for babies, therefore it is wise to take preventative measures to ensure no harsh irritants are rubbing against your baby’s precious skin. Pure Born nappies are the perfect solution for painful nappy rashes. We have replaced much of the plastic materials you find in standard nappies, with sustainable materials that are not only kinder to your baby’s skin but also helps to protect the future resources of our world The nappy’s absorbent core is made with Organic bamboo pulp and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), which makes them ultra-absorbent and helps to absorbs maximum moisture. Each nappy contains up to 43% organic bamboo pulp. The bamboo used in our nappies is sourced from an FSC certified, managed forest. The nappy’s back sheet (outer layer of our nappy) is made with a breathable nonwoven fabric, which regulates the flow of air. The top sheet (between baby’s bum and the absorbent core) is made with soft nonwoven fabric. It protects your baby from painful rashes.The nappy’s elastic leg cuffs and stretchy side panels have been designed to ensure a snug fit and superior performance. The nappy packaging material used by us is chosen thoughtfully, keeping the environment in mind. It is made with bio hybrid plastic, containing 40% less petrochemicals than the standard plastic packaging bags.


  • Made with soft materials on the inner and outer layer of the nappy which feels smooth against baby’s delicate skin
  • They are hypoallergenic, made with organic bamboo. Each nappy contains up to 43% organic bamboo pulp
  • Free from heavy metals and allergens.
  • The organic bamboo pulp absorption core of our nappies offers maximum absorption to keep your baby’s bottom dry enabling fewer nappy changes and more quality time together.
  • Not a single tree is harmed while manufacturing our nappies
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Printed in trendy designs to make nappy change time fun.
  • The Bamboo pulp used in our nappies is sourced from FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) certified, managed forests.
  • Flexible and snug fitting, allowing free movement, maximum comfortability and optimal performance.
  • PETA Vegan & Cruelty Free and V-Label certified. They are free from any ingredient of animal origin. They are free from being tested on animals.
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