Tiger Tribe Light and Shine – Playing With Optics

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Explore light and eye sight with Tiger Tribe’s STEAM activity set, Light and Shine – Playing with Optics. The set includes 26 fun, hands-on optic experiments exploring the world of light, vision, shadows and reflections. Light and Shine is a unique set designed to encourage open-ended play, trial-and-error exploration, teach problem-solving, and allow children to lead their play experience. All experiments are intended to help kids apply STEAM principals to the world around them, making maths and science relevant to things they experience everyday. At the same time, integrating the Arts (the “A” in STEAM) with activities that encourage creativity, intuition and imagination.

Features :

  • Carry out super exciting experiments about light, vision, mirrors and shadow puppets.
  • Includes torch, pens, mirror and lots of STEM experiments.
  • Great for solo play or an engaging activity with friends, Light and Shine – Playing with Optics encourages fun, unplugged creative play
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